What To Do When Tarot Card Readings Don’t Make Sense

when tarot card readings don't make sense

People have been using divination in many forms for centuries. Tarot card readings continue to be one of the top divinatory methods.

Of course, these may not always be 100% accurate, or perhaps I should say they do not give you exactly the information you are looking for (not always the same thing!).  We all want to know exactly what is around the corner, so why is it not always possible?

The Future Is Not Set In Stone

the future is not set in stone

Often when we seek a tarot reading we are at a crossroads or at a point where a decision needs to be made. Sometimes the outcome can be absolutely clear (because you are hurtling on a certain course of action) but sometimes the outcome may still be in a state of flux, especially if it depends on the actions of another person (remember we all have free will).

A tarot card reading may, therefore, give conflicting information about the future.

Was Your Question Straightforward?

was you question straightforward

Another reason why tarot reading may not make sense is the way a question is framed. For example, if you ask a question that is open ended, such as, “Will I be rich in the future.” The results you will get from the reading for that can vary wildly. Richness can mean different things to different people.

You can be cash rich but time poor, for example. So, what would rich mean in this context? Furthermore, the future can mean at any point from a minute to 90 years, so that will throw in all kinds of wild responses.

A better question would be, “Will I have achieved xxx by xxx?” You will need to frame your question to suit your circumstances and you will receive a better prediction.

Give It Time

give it time

Time is flux, and so tarot readings may not be on exactly the same timeline.

For example, if you did not understand a reference to another person or a life changing episode that came up in a reading, perhaps it is because the circumstances leading up to that have not yet materialised.

This can be especially true of people who are trying to change elements of their lives through the law of attraction.

Record The Tarot Card Reading And Watch It Unfold

record the tarot card reading

If you are working on yourself through manifestation, then you should record what the tarot card reading has said in response to your question. Don’t forget to record your question(s) exactly as you asked it/them.

Journaling is great for this. We often forget small steps, but if you journal events of the day, you will be able to see a clear pattern emerge over time.

This will help you see exactly how your manifestation is playing out. By comparing the reading with the unfolding events, you will no doubt be able to see the predictions come true.

Thoughts Affect Actions

Remember thought affects actions, so it may be that after the tarot card reading you change your mind about something and that change of thought may bring about the prediction.